Ultra K34 Quell Fire Sprinkler Protection will allow for a Class I-III Commodity to be stored up to 50‘ high with a maximum roof height of 55’.

The Quell System uses a “surround and drown” approach to rapidly control fire using a large volume of water. This not only puts out the fire quickly but also reduces heat and minimizes damage to the distribution facility itself and to its contents and products.

When a sprinkler is activated, water is discharged on a delay to allow time for one or more additional sprinklers to be thermally activated by the fire, ensuring sufficient water volume and cooling is applied to control it before it can spread.

Wolverine Fire Protection Co. has team members trained and certified in Quell Systems. Contact us today to learn more!

Advantages of Quell Systems:

  • Double Interlock Preaction
  • Class Range Protections
  • Less Expensie to Install, Operate, and Maintain
  • Flexible Storage
  • No Anti-Freeze
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • No In-Rack Sprinklers