Wolverine Fire Protection Co. is one of the largest independently family owned sprinkler contractors in the United States. We provide active fire protection, such as detection and sprinkler systems. Wolverine is equipped to handle even the most complex of projects with multiple locations nationwide specializing in evaluation/consultation, engineering design, installation, maintenance and repair of fire protection, detection and life safety systems. In fact we have experience working in a wide range of project markets including Federal, aviation, power generating facilities (nuclear and fossil), industrial/manufacturing, healthcare, commercial, educational/institutional, retail, warehousing, mining, and entertainment.

Working with Wolverine gives clients the advantage of collaborating with a company who…

  • Employs an in-house team of professional engineers who can create a total fire protection program that upholds the highest levels of quality and meets all relevant codes and requirements
  • Maintains a strong financial position
  • Serves some of the largest, most demanding industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, financial, educational, power generating and governmental agencies
  • Is able to conduct business in all of the United States. Wolverine has also completed work in Guam and Peru, and welcomes the opportunity to expand as needed
  • Participates as an active member in the NFSA
  • Employs active Principal Members on NFPA 409 & 415 Aircraft Hangers, NFPA 72 Building Fire Safety Systems, NFPA 850 Fire Protection for Electric Generating Plants Committees, NFPA 120 Fire Prevention and Control in Coal Mines and NFPA 122 Fire Prevention and Control in Metal/Nonmetal Mining and Metal Mineral Processing Facilities

We know from decades of experience that a relationship with Wolverine Fire Protection Co. translates into bottom-line benefits for your company. If you’re looking for fire protection solutions, it would be in our mutual interest to meet. We look forward to the day when Wolverine Fire Protection Co. can serve you.


Wolverine Fire Protection Co. prides itself on upholding certain values in its operations, customer relations, and job performance.

These Values include:

  • A high commitment to system quality – ensuring that customers receive a detection, suppression, or alarm solution that meets their needs, and functions as it should.
  • Protection of life and property through design, installation, maintenance and service of fire protection, detection and alarm systems.
  • Minimizing job timelines and following strict project schedules through effective project management, direct communication, and consolidation of subcontractors into a design-build environment.
  • Upholding high jobsite safety performance to ensure the safety of our employees, and other stakeholders and civilians, that may be on, or near, the job site with a high standard of Quality Assurance so that we are confident in the systems we install and their operation.

Qualification Information

Type of Business: Corporation
Incorporated: May 21, 1965 (In business since Oct. 1958 as partnership)
State of Incorporation: Michigan (Genesee County)
Bonding Agent: Mahorsky Group

EMR (Intrastate):

2023-2024 = 0.71

2022-2023 = 0.72

2021-2022 = 0.70

2020-2021 = 0.68

Dun & Bradstreet #: 01-7259979

Union Affiliations: Local 669 (National), Local 704 (Detroit, MI) Local 709 (Los Angeles, CA), Local 58 (Detroit, MI Electrical), Local 821 (Florida), Local 550 (Boston, MA)