You want to create a unique gaming environment…
… We want to provide the correct protection solutions so you can.

Casinos often require special fire protection systems to protect property and reduce down-time in case of occurrence. Wolverine Fire Protection Co. has had experience in multiple casino settings as well as many other commercial settings.

Our expertise in system requirements, and our abilities, offers access to a complete detection, notification, and suppression system in these types of environments. We are prepared to put our commitment to code compliance, customer needs, quality, and safety to work in any commercial project. Wolverine Fire Protection Co., as a full service design build fire protection contractor, has the ability to staff each level of need that you may have. This includes wet/dry suppression, clean agent/special hazards, detection, alarm, and releasing. Our staff includes engineers, design technicians, and fitter foreman/project managers. We also have the ability to field installation crews comprised of union tradesmen.

In addition to protecting the gaming floors, Wolverine can provide solutions to your parking garages, exterior canopy areas, office spaces, guest rooms, storage areas, and any other building areas that need detection and/or protection. Our diverse experience allows us to provide complete design, fabrication and installation of all systems through the entire project. In addition, Wolverine is experienced at coordinating with multiple trades while utilizing 3D / BIM design functions for complex projects.