Wolverine Fire Protection Co. is one of the few comprehensive fire protection solution providers in the nation. Our full service, in house team allows us to maintain tight control over each project, promotes close communication between our designers, fabricators, and installers which facilitates schedule adherence, cost savings, and a high quality custom system that will provide you years of protection and peace of mind.

Having our own fabrication shop on site also allows us to ensure a seamless delivery of your project from start to finish. Typically, pipe and materials are shipped to our shop, located at our Headquarters in MI, where each project is pre-fabricated before being shipped to the job site. Pipes are cut to size, and sprinkler threads are placed via the designers’ provided plans and cut sheets. These materials are then shipped to the job site and installed via the same plans and cut sheets.

This process is partially facilitated by our designers, but also by our computer design program which seamlessly produces “pipe optimization cut sheets”. This allows our designers to design a functional system, and the program automatically provides cut sheets to minimize waste in the fabrication process.

This technology, and our full service approach allows us to quickly respond to changes, proactively identify possible installation delays, and control the quality of each component that gets installed. Most importantly, our teams thoroughly understand your needs from start to finish, so you’re getting a functional system that fits your needs, for your specific project, every single time.