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We want to protect your students, staff, and facility so you can

According to the NFPA, “Educational properties include day-care centers, public, private or parochial boarding schools, trade or business schools, and college or university classroom buildings”. Over 5,000 structure fires are reported annually in these types of facilities, and 64% of them occur during normal hours when students, children, staff, and other public are present. For these reasons, it is important for educational fire suppression systems to uphold the highest quality and code compliance to protect lives and property.

Wolverine Fire Protection is prepared to provide high quality design-build expertise for all educational projects. We are bolstered by over 50 years of experience in the educational market and have completed over $57 million in educational projects. Our commitment to code compliance, safety, and customer needs improves quality, reduces project timelines, and leads to lower unforeseen system malfunctions.

System Experience:

  • Extension & repair of existing systems
  • Installing in historical buildings
  • Meeting NFPA and building codes for educational structures
  • Designing and installing in unique structures
  • Complete new construction
  • Design-build systems