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… We want to provide a reliable system to protect your physical and human capital

Mining projects carry with them a unique set of requirements and considerations.  Because installations are often underground, in high elevations, and/or around highly flammable or explosive substances, the fire protection systems are subject to elevated requirements to ensure life safety.  These facilities often include processing facilities for the minerals and substances they are mining as well.  This would mean that a fire protection system would have to have differentiated systems for office areas, mining areas, and processing facilities – each having unique code and standard requirements and considerations for life and property safety.

Wolverine Fire Protection Co. entered the mining market in 2011 with a plethora of experience in related fields under its belt.  We utilize our experiences with large and complex projects in markets such as power generation, industrial and manufacturing, and special hazards to execute successful design – build projects in the mining industry. We also have a principle member of the NFPA mining committee on staff.

Unique Experience:

  • BIM 3D Modeling
  • Confined Space Certified Staff