You want to supply the world with power…
….We want to protect your people and facility so you can.

Since 1958, Wolverine Fire Protection has developed their expert skills, captured lessons learned, and honed best practices to manage large and complex projects.  We can provide reliable solutions with a focus on safety and quality assurance.  Our goal is for your projects to run smoothly with expert results that protect lives and property.

In fact, Wolverine is one of the few contractors that can self perform the entire fire protection work scope with their own, in-house resources.  Our complete, energy focused solutions can provide consulting, engineering, fabrication, and installation.  Our process utilizes in-house professional engineers and designers, BIM modeling technology, expertise in code compliance, quality materials, and past experience in large, complex, power generation projects.

Experience in Diverse Power Generation Facilities

  • Nuclear
  • Coal
  • Steam
  • Natural Gas/LNG
  • Bio-fuel/Biomass
  • Combined Cycle
  • Hydroelectric
  • Oil & Gas